Ashley’s Dream


NEW ADULT:  Ashley has just graduated college and now dreams of traveling the world. She has no intention of falling in love, wanting to focus on her career instead. She manages a bar for now, and hopes to find her dream job soon. But one night a tragic event happens, and Ashley falls for Jeff, the guy who rescued her. He might not be what Ashley is looking for – he’s mysterious and secretive. When Jeff backs out on a planned date, his roommate Ryan steps up to replace him. Ashley finds out she has a lot more in common with Ryan than she did with Jeff. But can she open up her heart? 


This story was entertaining - not too complex, but a breezy, fast read. Ashley is a tough character to like, however. Sometimes she gets annoying and makes decisions that don’t always make sense, making it hard for a reader to connect with her. The supportive cast adds a lot more to the story, in particular Ryan. He makes an intriguing love interest and is much easier to like than Ashley. The plot is pretty straightforward, and the writing is easy yet fluent. Fans of contemporary romance looking for a lighter read will enjoy this one. 


Majanka Verstraete



***This book has been revised and republished with a new cover and tite:  "Trust: A Truly Modern Romance".***