The Armored Doctor


STEAMPUNK:  Miss Abigail Benton truly didn’t mean for it to happen. She was just trying to prove to one Dr. Jacob Valerian that she is suited for the job of his assistant. It just so happened that she accidently released the nitrous oxide (AKA the laughing gas) instead of the perfectly harmless one, and now the entire auditorium can’t help but laugh. Not an auspicious beginning, that’s for sure!

Jacob isn’t too sure about hiring Miss Benton, but he simply doesn’t have a choice. The COIC (Cabinet of Intellectual Curiosities) Secretary won’t give him the commission Jacob wants unless he can prove that he has the time to do it. And hiring an assistant does go a long way towards proving it. After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

Why, they could fall in love.

"The Armored Doctor" is a sweet steampunk adventure with fascinating main characters. Jacob is cold, standoffish and brilliant. He was wounded in India and now spends his time trying to help others - either directly, by outfitting them with prosthetics or indirectly, by helping his government.  Abigail is an independent woman who witnessed some bad things herself while doing missionary work in India.  Jacob and Abigail suit each other immensely. Unfortunately, the reality of their relationship wasn’t completely convincing.   There were a few things here and there that didn’t quite fit, mainly the fact that classified government research should remain classified. All in all, though, a pleasing steampunk romance that will make a reader curious about other books set in this world!

Ana Smith