Another Dawn


Luke Nolan was sitting in the electric chair for a murder that he didn’t commit when an explosion rocks the building, eradicating everything. He quickly exchanged clothes with the dead priest Fr. Salazar, so he could disguise himself. He only found one other person alive,  a doctor whom he didn’t even know. He does know that he must make sure she doesn’t realize he is an escapee.

When Sofie comes too, she has no memory of her past. She must now rely on Fr. Salazar for any information he has about her. Together, they work their way through the mountains to a town called Redemption, Colorado. Everything in Redemption seems old fashioned, no phones, cars or even electricity. Have they traveled back in time somehow?  She feels so guilty for the sexual feelings she has toward Fr. Salazar, yet he seems to feel the same magnetic pull towards her too. What kind of a person is she anyway? What kind of morals does she have to want a priest?

In this intriguing re-pub, Deb Stover succeeds in devising a plot where, not only does one person have amnesia, but can be transported from the modern world, back in time to a fantasy world  when things were simpler:  where one’s word meant everything, and neighbors helped each other out. Stover almost does the nearly impossible in convincing the reader to believe this situation actually exists.  This unique and creative combination is enough to capture any reader’s interest and imagination!
Rose Mary Espinoza