Andromeda’s Rebel – Heroes of Andromeda, Book 1


SCI/FI: Assigned to newly colonized planet, Dawn’s Landing, as a shuttle pilot, Tamarja is desperate to blast through the partial mind-wipe the corporate Manitac performs on criminals to turn them into mindless “pets” meant to provide slave labor throughout the galaxy. Tamarja finds herself attracted to two men from her past that may be important keys to her future. Yohzad, her corporate parole officer, seems willing to break rules for her. Daeven, a planet security guard, sends her mixed signals of barely controlled anger and passion. When she uncovers mutinous planetary secrets, she decides to join the rebellion, even if that means she may lose the man she’s come to love and enrage the man that may end her life.

“Andromeda’s Rebel” is a sci-fi romance mixed with interstellar intrigue, interesting characters, and galactic rebellion. Ignoring the familiar trope of an uprising against power, readers will find the deployment of erased memories and secret agendas good reasons to explore. The conflicted desires of Tamarja are decidedly frustrating as readers speculate who she will choose. Wondering who is to be trusted will have readers trying to decide which side of the insurgence to root for. Although the sinister foray into slavery may be distasteful to some, the exciting world of alien wildlife, new foods, dangerous landscapes, and intrepid colonists is sure to entice the imagination. Readers will revel in the desire for freedom and thrilling space battles as they embark on an explosive journey of shadow schemes and new-found love. Fans of science fiction, romance, and mystery will discover Ms. Jess’s tale of a heroic woman determined to forge her own destiny is a satisfying, out-of-this-world adventure.

Tonya Mathenia