Anatu of The Human: Tunrian Cyborgs Book 2


SCI-FI: President of Earth, John Davies has agreed to take a cyborg as his bride in an arranged marriage. John needs to find out more about the cyborgs and marrying one seems to be a good way to do it. What he didn’t expect were the feelings that would slam into him when he starts to get his bride better. Anatu had a mission and she was determined to see it through. But when her new husband takes her to bed every single night, her feelings for him become something she thought might never happen. He treats her well and is attractive in ways she never thought a human could be. Both of them have a different mission, but will they come together in their battle as they have as husband and wife? Or will their own agendas pull them apart?

The reader is thrown right into this story from the first page. Anatu is an interesting character who is intriguing to say the least. There are a few funny moments, particularly when she tries to grasp the names of the female anatomy. Searing love scenes and the dynamic between Anatu and John is electric and it’s awesome to go through their journey with them. Marie Dry has a great imagination and has a knack for description and characterization. For fans of science fiction, this is one they’ll love. It might be a good idea to go back to the first book as there is some information that might need to come from that. However, this takes nothing away from the awesome story.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick