All In Good Time (Thistle & Hive #6)


TIME TRAVEL:  Sara Barrett cannot forget the 16th-century Scot who strode into her life and stole her heart. Pursuing him back to his time will mean leaving her brother, her home, and her own life behind — but all that is nothing compared to convincing Edna Campbell to send her back. Knowing something stands between the two lovers, Edna is reluctant to send Sara back but when she is unable to convince Sara to change her mind, Edna gives in. Logan MacPhail cannot forget Sara. Suspecting he will never see her again, he pledges himself to a friend in need of aid, only to have Sara arrive at the worst time. With Logan’s honor at stake, he is torn between the love of his life and keeping his word to his friend, and it will take all Sara’s determination to see that love wins in the end.

“All in Good Time” is the sixth addition to the “Thistle & Hive” series and picks up where the previous book left off. The romance between Sara and Logan continues from the previous book and builds throughout this one, but without the steam, this installment feels shallow. The conflict is straightforward and easily handled, and most of the book fast paced and somewhat predictable. Still, the romance is passionate, and the characters are interesting, if not complex. Overall, fans will enjoy this smooth, time-traveling paranormal romance.

Sarah E Bradley