Alien Rescue (Zyrgin Warriors, #4)


SCIENCE FICTION ROMANCE: Rose is loyal to her agency and desperately seeking the approval of her father after a devasting abduction that left her mother dead. If Rose can just survive one more terrifying trial, she might win back her family’s love, and finally take her place in the agency. Zanr is a Zyrgin warrior, elite, single-minded, and utterly unstoppable. To him, Earth is just another planet to be conquered, but in a dark hole in the basement of a corrupt agency, Zanr finds something beyond his wildest dreams. He claims the small, unconscious human with superior hair and ebony skin as his breeder, but when she wakes, will she claim him too?

Cultures collide and unlikely bonds form in this clever, romantic and sometimes amusing alien/human love story. Zanr, a member of a slightly dinosaur-like species, is a deliciously large and physically powerful male lead. His caveman mentality should be annoying, but it is one of the many endearing things about him. “Alien Rescue” is filled with adorable behavioral quirks that disarm the reader and make Zanr an unforgettable character. Rose is a strong, black female lead with a complicated reaction to her captor and his unwavering devotion, but her gullibility goes a little too far, edging into stupidity. A few verbal tangles and repeated sentences stall the flow of the story, but the interesting alien culture and sweet and spicy romance will win readers back. Alien Rescue is a fun futuristic tale with a memorable alien lover that will steal readers’ hearts.

Starling Gray