Alien Embrace


SCI-FI/PARANORMAL:  Lori Sullivan has no memories, only vague images that feel familiar and recollections that seem learned rather than truly experienced.  Even her memories of how she landed in the hospital are gone.  When no one can find anything physically wrong with Lori, psychiatrist Mark Greene is called in.  Instantly and inexplicably drawn to the beautiful woman, Mark finds himself wanting much more than a professional relationship.  But can their growing love survive the revelations that are to come, especially when it means accepting the idea of aliens, other worlds and the possibility of a life among those who now live among us?


In “Alien Embrace”, Ms. Steele develops a very believable story that revolves around the possibility of other species, much like our own, who just want to exist and prosper among us.  The scenario of another planet destroyed by inattention and neglect rings true to anyone who values eco-friendly considerations.  The love story and its secondary counterparts is also endearing as readers explore the ideas of how we would re-act and accept others not of our planet.  The book, however, doesn’t have any kind of an arc.  It just glides along introducing each new character and relationship, with minor challenges throughout.  As a character study it is great but the entire book seems to be setting up for more books, rather than creating a conflict, climax and resolution that makes a story truly unforgettable. Still, if this is the beginning of a series, it is a great start!


Ruth Lynn Ritter