Alien Contact for Runaway Moms (Alien Contact for Idiots Book 5)


SCI-FI:  Audra is a mother to a sweet baby named Roxie. When Roxie’s father becomes abusive and threatens to take Roxie away, Audra flees with her daughter. Roxie’s father has many resources to find her, so she goes to the only place where he cannot find her — the underground cities of Kwadra Island. She runs into a Kwadran named Tal and uses him to help her escape into the forest and underground. Tal is a tortured soul, but smart and dangerous. He helps Audra because she reminds him of his past. Audra and Tal are forced to learn about each other and their differences but during their journey, they come across many dangerous obstacles and gangs. The only problem is who is more dangerous — the gangs, or Tal himself? 

The world building in this science fiction novel is utterly fantastic! The author describes this world in detail, which does slow down the pace but it does give a unique look into the world. Unfortunately, the characters fall flat. They did not have much chemistry. The side characters have more chemistry than the main characters. Audra is the most disappointing character. She runs off with a strange man and proceeds to be distrustful of him and constantly nagging him when he is trying to help her. If she was so skeptical of him and his decisions, why did she go with him? There are also many random pictures throughout the book. Some readers may find it distracting. However, readers who love science fiction and unique worlds will definitely enjoy this read. 

Amanda Hupe