Alien Contact for Idiots, Alien Contact for Idiots Book 1


SCI-FI:  When an island appears out of nowhere and aliens are spotted, Dr. Elinor EllHarmon is fortunate to be the first human to greet them. Unfortunately, she exchanges unknown germs when she shakes hands with the handsome Kwadran Prince Tro Eaglesbrood and now they must be quarantined together for a minimum of three weeks. While the world wonders if the aliens are friend or foe, Ell, Tro and several others are sent to an isolated place where they are monitored remotely. Their daily check in quickly becomes a popular new reality show, Alien Contact for Idiots, where they hope to soothe the rioting world and firmly convey the Kwadrans intentions as peaceful. As Ell and Tro spend time together they struggle with their growing attraction to each other and responsibility to their people. Can love and duty go hand-in-hand?


What an interesting twist to the alien visitation theme! They arent aliens at all. Technically human, but definitely different, the Kwadrans worry that their sudden appearance and advanced technological knowledge will get them killed in this reality. Ell and Tro quickly establish a rapport, but Tro must think of his people before his own feelings. While the writing is top-notch and there is humour and romance aplenty, the pace lags in areas, the stumbling blocks to Tro and Ells romance seem artificial and the secondary plot with David Winston falls flat. Support characters are likeable and add depth, but proofing errors detract. However, history buffs will adore the differences in our timeline versus the Kwadrans as well as the evolution of their language. Il est magnifique!


Carol Conley