Alien Captured (Zyrgin Warriors #5)


SCI-FI:  In a bleak future, with a broken government where poverty and violence reign, Susannah has a simple plan. Alone on an abandoned farm, she captures an alien with the intent to sell him to the resistance. She can use the reward money to save her son who is being held captive by those who believe him tainted. Instead, the arrogant alien acts as if she were the prisoner and insists she care for a wound he sustained falling into the pit. If that isn't enough, Susannah has no way to know if the resistance even received her message. As each day passes, she doubts her decision to hand the alien over, but her son’s life hangs in the balance and time is running out. 

The fifth in a series, “Alien Captured” is a surprising quality read. When the novel begins, it has a generic feel, as if the reader has read it many times before.  While initially coming across as bland and unrefined, the story quickly evolves into more.  The multifaceted plot draws the reader in while the work and depth put into the story is revealed with each page. The use of alternate POV also allows the reader a better insight in to the events and characters. Each character is fleshed out with detailed backstories and realistic motivations. It is impossible not to love the hero, who is both thoughtful and tender. Filled with romance, sci-fi, and a bit of action, the novel wants for nothing except for another proofread due to grammatical errors.  For fans of the genre, “Alien Captured” is a must read!

Arec Rain