Alien’s Mate (Earth Brides & Alien Warriors #2)


SCI-FI: The Rhonar warriors have a problem, they must find their true mates or face a terrifying fate. Thankfully, the women of Earth can be the warriors' mates. While the people of Earth and the Rhonar are in negotiations for their right to claim brides, Brok and other warriors patrol the planet to keep it safe. The very last thing Brok expects is to find his Earthling mate during a space invasion that crashes them to an alien planet. Lieutenant Sage Kadaran’s past ensured that she has no interest in men, let alone an alpha alien male. But when the drool worthy and charming Brok saves her, even she finds it hard to resist the attraction between them. Now they just need to make it back to Earth’s orbit in one piece.

Prepare star cruiser one to blast into an adventure with a dazzling alien planet, feisty heroine, sexy protective alien hero, and a beautiful romance any Sci-Fi romance lover is sure to enjoy. Action and discovery wait around every page as Brok and Sage navigate their way through the beautifully written new world. Brok’s joy at finding his true mate flows off the page, while the fierce love he feels for her duels with his need to bring her into the reality of his world carefully. Sage’s bravery and drive to face what’s thrown at her despite how the trauma of her past has made her feel is magnificent. The way in which Brok brings her into his world while allowing her to accept who she is inside is stunning. With more attention to character development, this story will be one for the ages.

Annalee Stilove