Alien’s Captive (Earth Brides & Alien Warriors Book 1)


SCI-FI: Ava Kouris gets more than she bargained for when she looks for adventure. With her degrees in psychology and sociology, she joined a group of off-Earth colonists. After getting waylaid by space pirates and sold into slavery, Ava is fortunate to be purchased by a huge, sexy alien who has a hidden agenda to sabotage the slave trade in that sector of the galaxy. Xelan is a Rhonar warrior who wants to help rebels on Craxon overthrow the corrupt, slave-trading elite ruling class, and then he and his brothers can continue their personal mission to find mates who can help them break through their emotional void, a biological stage that all Rhonar males must endure until they meet their soul mates. What starts as an act of mercy, turns into recognition that Ava is his salvation. But will Xelan and Ava be able to escape the horrors of Craxon itself?                                                                                “Alien’s Captive” delivers steam, danger, and purpose. Filled with enticing world-building and polarizing secondary characters, it’s a simple yet tumultuous introduction to this alien sci-fi romance series. Irony abounds. Xelan has been struggling with his talent to empathically sense the emotions of others, while simultaneously being deprived of his own. Embattled Ava swings wildly from the despair of being caught in the hands of a sadist, only to be rescued by a male who fills her with both hope and longing. Ava’s bravery at foregoing her own immediate safety leads to high suspense. Readers who love sexy aliens, death matches, and brave heroines should bypass all checkpoints to book immediate passage on this space adventure!

Joan Lai