The Accidental Stranger (The Accidental Series)


TIME TRAVEL/SUSPENSE:  Jessica has chosen a solitary life away from the city and everything she once knew.  It is a way to start fresh, away from prying eyes and awkward questions about the father of her young son; questions that she has no reasonable or rational answer for.  She is therefore aware of the irony of the situation when she realizes she is being watched from the woods that surround her home. She must try to unravel the mystery of a familiar stranger whom she remembers, but doesn’t remember her.

“The Accidental Stranger” is the second in the Accidental Series and is a well-crafted story that stands on its own.  Ms. Fosdick manages to convey the events of the first book in the series without bogging the story down in tiresome exposition and weaves the background information into the story seamlessly.  She tells the story from a couple of different perspectives, which at first are confusing to the reader, but patience is rewarded and she melds seemingly disparate stories into a cohesive and well thought out narrative.

With fascinating twists and turns, leading up to a wonderful surprising ending the reader is kept well engaged by the deep and interesting characters that make up this unusual story.  Well written and skillfully done, “The Accidental Stranger” is a page turner.  Well worth reading!

Gwenellen Tarbet