The 7th Lie (Chronicles of Ithical Book 1)


SCI-FI: Sabine Harper is an agent for a corporation called Vortech. After the solar flare killed millions and knocked out power grids, she spent most of her time at the top of the world training for her next mission. When she is assigned the mission, she discovers that she will be traveling to a hidden civilization under a dome. This civilization contains energy stones that could save the world in the event of another solar flare. When she enters this new world, she becomes the caretaker of the royal prince who is known to be a recluse and quite rude. But she needs to be in the palace to find the stones. However, her mission leads her to question the intentions of Vortech, and the prince, Morven, is unlike anyone she has ever met.

This book starts this series with a bang! The beginning of the story takes off and the pace doesn’t quit! This is not a typical science fiction book. It also has dystopian elements along with mystery and loads of suspense! The essence of this story is the characters and their characters arc. Sabine is a unique human. She has a condition that allows her to pay extra attention to details. Morven uses a wheelchair after he survived an illness that zaps his strength. Readers will love the representation that the characters bring to the table. But that is not all. The world-building is creative and unbelievably unique. While the minor plot points are wrapped up, the book does end on a bit of a cliffhanger. Be sure to add this book to your TBR stat!

Amanda Hupe