5 Clones


SCI-FI: Dan is on his way to California after losing his ranch in Colorado to floods. However, his journey is not easy as he has to deal with some harsh realities after the State of California exits the USA. Accompanying him are his clones, but they are soon joined by a woman who could be dangerous, to say the least. On the other hand, lethal scientific inventions placed in the wrong hands threaten the existence of human beings, especially in America after one of the world’s most brilliant inventions is birthed in an isolated facility. The disappearance of the facility in a bizarre event has some of America’s bravest agents working tirelessly to find the scientist behind the invention.

“5 Clones” delivers a series of entertainment nuggets including a bunch of very interesting characters. The clones, scientific replicas of Dan, will mesmerize the reader’s mind as he/she tries to figure out what counts as a complete human being and what doesn’t. Stunning. For the readers who have their eyes fixed on the action-packed technology-driven scenes, Edward Bonilla’s inclusion of long narrative sections delving into Dan’s life and that of his clones could prove to be something of a task. Some of the secondary characters occupy quite a considerable chunk of the novel as well, which may leave the reader longing for more action from the main characters. The palpable suspense, however, is riveting and makes flipping through the pages almost effortless since the main characters continually grow in strength and awesomeness.

JM Lareen