28 Days

Aleisha Maree and
Susan Horsnell

WOMEN"S FICTION: Ziggy Yorke and Branson Reid meet by chance in a hospital, which is not exactly romantic. Fortunately, the spark was there. Ziggy is in the hospital because she has cystic fibrosis and now she’s dying. Branson’s sister had emergency surgery and is in a coma. But once again, love proves stronger than what is happening around them, and the two are drawn together with immediate and intense love. When Branson and his motorcycle club gift Ziggy with the space for living her last days in luxury, their love story truly begins. Her goal is to fully live each day. His is to give her as many of her wishes as he can while keeping her safe and healthy.

The sweetest thing about this book is the realization that a lifetime of love doesn’t need lots of years. Readers experience each day with Ziggy and Branson, and learn a lot about the medical side of this illness. Susan Horsnell is a retired nurse, bringing realism to the story that puts readers in the middle of the action. While the romance unfolds, the reader also glimpses inside Ziggy and Branson and sees what made them the adults they are. However, the illness doesn’t overwhelm the beauty of the romance between these two. They experience many of young love’s firsts - from that breathtaking first kiss to the joy of bringing their souls together in intimacy. In between, there are the wonderful experiences Ziggy has longed for and couldn’t have had on her own. It’s definitely worth the read, but keep tissues handy!

Leah Neale