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Andrea R.

Renee Maxwell has always wanted to be an archeologist.  She loves nothing better than to get her hands dirty looking for treasures from the past.  When she finally gets the opportunity to work as

Living in the New World is a hard life, but for Catalina Ygnacio it is made even harder by the authorities’ continual harassment of her father, Fernando Ygnacio.  Years of prison followed by continual abuse have broken the once proud man.  Now they are being sent to Valle de Sol to conduct an audit of the colonists of the area.  Before leaving, the Ygnacios are warned that they are not expected

Ava Beaumont wants to divorce her unfaithful husband and hires a private detective by the name of Donovan Tanner to get the goods on the philanderer.  What Tanner uncovers leads him to blackmail the beautiful Mrs.

WESTERN:  Life is surreal for Ruby Lattrell when she inherits her namesake’s ranch.

The newest member of a south Florida newspaper, Cassidy Chandler wants an assignment - any assignment, besides the obituaries.  But her own life becomes the side story when she awakens with a bruise on he