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WESTERN:  Tessa McGuire is trying to outrun her past. When her running takes her to the small Montana town of Clifton, it puts her directly in the path of hunky Sheriff Sam Garrett.  Immediate and frighteningly powerful chemistry sparks between the two, but Tessa feigns dislike for the cocksure lawman. She fears the secrets she hides will inevitably ruin any relationship between them.

Hotshot scientist Dr. Samantha Love arrives at Sterling University in Georgia ready to prove her theories about the chemistry of compatibility.  What she doesn’t plan on is the tall, muscular, sexy literature professor, Dr.

Wine & Children

Charlotte Paggo is wandering through California's wine country following her divorce, needing some time to herself to gather her thoughts. She meets Sam, a wine maker who has also been through a divorce and the two of them start to get to know one another better. Sam's sons make romance a little difficult and they are forced to make it up as they go along.

Following the death of her husband, Lady Katherine fakes her own demise in order to escape the new master of Stonehill. After escaping into the forest, she ambushes Lord Henry of Chauvere, who turns out to be the brother of her childhood friend. When the King orders Katherine to marry the new master of Stonehill, Henry vows to assist her.

Ray MacAdams has been friends with Billy Ducharme for fourteen years, ever since they moved to the ranch, and as the years have passed their friendship has become stronger. Ray wishes she was more than the shepherd's daughter and dreams of being more than friends with Billy, wishing she could lie beside him at night.