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Michelle Collins, a primary school teacher and animal rights activist, makes the mistake of entering the men’s restroom at a holiday party. She bumps into a stranger who gives her a toe-curling kiss under the mistletoe. While the stranger could have been a potential Mr.

Widow Jo Wilson tries to keep her late husband’s bathhouse afloat amid malicious rumors that her establishment is a brothel. Owen Sterling travels to Fraser Springs to find out the truth. The last thing he expects is to be attracted to Mrs. Wilson.

MEDIEVAL:  Gaetan de Wolfe heads the Duke of Normandy’s Anges de Guerre. During the Battle of Hastings, the Welsh take one of Gaetan's men prisoner. Gaetan vows to get his man back and finds a surprising ally in the enemy, Ghislaine of Mercia. Ghislaine is triumphant when she bags herself a prisoner of war,  but when her brother steals that same prisoner Ghislaine’s anger knows no bounds.

Way Down We Go

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Rennie is running away from a powerful, abusive uncle and a power-brokered wedding to a man that she does not love.  She seizes the opportunity to disappear while at an author’s convention when she literally runs into a biker named Stoke.  She puts her body and heart into his hands when she takes him up on his offer to drive her cross-country.  For his part, Stoke is fascina

The Wyrd Sisters are comprised of three talented psychics, Kim, Bryn and Mimi. Their talents and their sisterhood are put to the test when they meet a mysterious woman named Valena — a victim of a horrendous crime, so traumatic that she has lost her memory.  Valena’s fate appears to be tied to that of a series of ritualistic murders in the area.