Reviews - Novella

HISTORICAL: Captain Lord Richard Gorse comes back from the war with bodily wounds as well as damage to his mind and most importantly to his heart. The one thing that seems to help the war hero sustain himself is Natalie Derwent, a harpist whose concerts he has been attending.

PARANORMAL: After a brutal divorce, Tilly returns to Key West, Florida, to help her aunt with the ice cream shop. Her ex-husband wants revenge and continues to spy on her. When her aunt has a vision and warns Tilly of a warlock coming to steal their family talisman, Tilly will do anything to protect her aunt. They are from an extensive line of witches, so they decide to use protection spells.

HISTORICAL: While most women dream of marrying for love, it doesn’t always work out that way. Violet Hambleton is a parson’s daughter who wants to marry the man she loves, Sebastian, also known as Viscount Stanworth. For a while, she has been receiving verses from a secret admirer, and in her wildest dreams, that person is Sebastian… But it can’t be.

CONTEMPORARY: When Leo Cusano is expected to organize a Halloween mystery party, his enthusiasm is not as high as it should be. With the help of Arie Winters, he begins to come around. However, business issues like creating sweet treats and finding a location for his dessert bar are sapping some of his usual love for the spooky holiday.

HISTORICAL: After a tragic accident befalls Benedict’s family, he becomes the Earl of Foster. He finds the responsibilities a burden, and now his mother tells him he has a ward. Philippa’s parents were killed in a carriage accident, and his mother is her godmother. Benedict wrongfully believes the ward will be a young child, not the beautiful redheaded siren before him.