Reviews - Novella

PARANORMAL: Megan O’Neil likes to chase rockstars. However, that isn’t the only thing she likes to chase. Megan is also a ghost hunter which keeps her busy enough to not be interested in any type of relationship. That is, until she meets Thom James, the rockstar. When Megan gets fired from her professor job, she concentrates fully on her side engagement, hunting ghosts.

PARANORMAL: Mayla Brior is a selkie who has the magical power to shed her seal skin, so she can walk amongst the humans on land. Klaus Lovik’s bride has been stolen from him on his wedding day by his enemy: chieftain. He will do anything to find his bride, even capture a selkie for a bartering gift.

HISTORICAL/PARANORMAL: Zahra Corbyn, history professor and sea archeologist, has a virulent dislike of treasure hunters. Jack Alexander, treasure hunter, has been on a personal crusade to find the infamous sunken Sea Wraith. The two meet one moonlit night after a brutish lothario pushes Zahra into the ocean when she rejects his unwanted advances.

PARANORMAL: On duty, Officer Andie Hale spends her days keeping the peace, while off duty she finds peace in the beauty of northern Arizona. Lately, she’s had the company of a wild wolf who seems to touch something deep inside her. Roy doesn’t know what draws him to the house and the woman, but he can’t seem to stay away.

HISTORICAL: Maria Fitzroy is the youngest of her four sisters, and the least gregarious of them. She often finds it difficult to find her tongue and shies away from social situations with many people. Yet on one snowy night, she meets the most handsome man that makes her dream of so much more. Walter Atherton is a stranger to the neighborhood with an interest in the Fitzroys.