Reviews - Novella

Lyon at the Altar

HISTORICAL: Anna Toussaint meets Frank Webb, heir to a viscountcy, when her mother becomes his governess to teach him the French language. Frank insists that Anna learn with him. Young love blossoms as the two teens grow closer until scandal erupts. Two years later, Frank is a viscount.

“Sing Me A Soap Opera”
Susan Jean Ricci

CONTEMPORARY: Kendal Harper is a fantasy author whose publisher has challenged her to write a romance story about a workplace romance by experiencing it herself. Kendal is resistant to the idea; after all, she is still recovering from the loss of her husband, Cam, a man she fell in love with when she interviewed him.

TIME TRAVEL: Bella Thomas is home from school visiting her parents in Mayflower. Her dream is to become a big-time journalist, and she’s helped at the local town’s newspaper. While home, she decides to investigate the history of the fire that burned down the Jelly Bean factory in 1927.

The Scarred Santa
Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

INSPIRATIONAL: Rafe Sullivan retired from the Marine Corps, scarred, injured, and with PTSD from his last tour in Afghanistan. Once a handsome and social man, he now lives a solitary life, hiding even from the love and attention of his family. He changes jobs often and finds little purpose in life.

HISTORICAL: When Lady Victoria Crawley left London to live with her grandmother, she had no idea danger would follow! While walking home one evening, she finds a man who’s been shot and is in desperate need of help. That man turns out to be Hunter Willowbrook, heir to a Dukedom and grandson of a dear friend of Victoria’s family.