Reviews - Novella

HISTORICAL: After impetuously running off and eloping with Roarik O’Neill, Lady Helen quickly realizes her mistake. She has left luxury behind to be a servant to her Irish husband and his cronies. She loves him but understands he loves Ireland more than her. After he is killed in a political brawl, Helen and her three year old, Maeve, must flee back to England and safety.

HISTORICAL: A melancholy Lady Rachel Emerson, daughter of the Duke of Harrington, has returned to Sommer-by-the-Sea after a very long absence. It is the day before the Halloween Ball at Emerson Manor. The manor is being sold to the Historical Society at midnight, so Rachel only has a few hours today to search the manse to find her missing locket she lost so many years ago.

CONTEMPORARY: ‘Love em and Leave em’ Liam Jones is the definition of a bad boy. Liam, the lead guitarist in his rock band Black Velvet Machine, is desperate to bring them back into the spotlight, which means finding a perfect new lead singer.

Pompeii Fire
Sharon E.

HISTORICAL: Drusilla and Suetonius locked eyes as youngsters in a Roman marketplace. She was headed to being pawned off on a family friend while her father went to start a tavern in hopes of wealth. He was on his way to be trained as a gladiator after being sold into slavery. They would later meet again in Pompeii and fall in love.

Teasing Miss Atherby

HISTORICAL: Distant cousin to the Winterbournes, Luisa Atherby has come to London looking to strengthen her familial ties after the tragic death of her parents. While helping move furniture within her cousin's London townhouse, she encounters a secret desk drawer holding old love letters which reveal a scandalous secret that may tear apart her new found family.