Yo Ho Ho and Buttered Rum Sundae (One Scoop or Two Book 2)

Karen Michelle

FANTASY: Sirena Seafair, half-human and half-Merrow, has chosen to live on land and date the man of her dreams, Jack O’Casey, in a little town called Grimm Nitch. When her mother comes back from the sea after fifteen years, she tries to force Sirena to get married to the Merrow Prince, Calder, and to live the rest of her years under the sea. The thought of meeting another Merrow intrigues Sirena, but is she willing to give up her potentially grand future with Jack? It seems the three will find out who she’ll choose on the night of the town’s Buccaneer Bash.

This sweet short story follows a genuine romance with small town characters that will envelope readers in a fantasy world full of cheesy lines and sweet moments. Unfortunately, the story is hard to keep up with if one hasn’t read the previous book with Sirena and Jack, but one can pick up on the past quickly. The story also progresses too speedily for the reader to get fully invested in the plot. Nonetheless, the cute romance will still keep readers satisfied. The prince obviously stirs up conflict between all the characters, but his bad intentions are so obvious from the beginning that it is hard for readers to imagine the other characters completely missing his arrogance. The conflict does give this short story a fun twist to play with, but it gets boring toward the end. Overall, the book has its faults but is still a heartwarming read that will make readers feel a rush of serotonin after they finish it.

Austen Grace