The Wallflower’s Christmas Surprise


HISTORICAL: While most women dream of marrying for love, it doesn’t always work out that way. Violet Hambleton is a parson’s daughter who wants to marry the man she loves, Sebastian, also known as Viscount Stanworth. For a while, she has been receiving verses from a secret admirer, and in her wildest dreams, that person is Sebastian… But it can’t be. When her admirer states they will reveal themselves at Christmas, Violet is beyond excited. Sebastian is the only male in his family; therefore marriage is being thrust upon him. He must take matters into his own hands or he will find himself married to someone he doesn’t love. What he yearns for is to marry Violet. Will their dreams become a reality at Christmas? Or will they be forced into unhappy marriages with other people?

This is a Regency romance that readers will take pleasure in reading to get in the mood for Christmas! From the first moment they are introduced, the need for Violet and Sebastian to get together is overwhelming, and will have readers turning the pages as fast as their eyes can manage until the result is thus. The plot moves at an even pace, and the descriptions of the surroundings are absolutely spot on. “The Wallflower’s Christmas Surprise” is a great treat to add to the Christmas mood. The ‘will they or won’t they’ feeling is strong throughout this tale, with dashes of stolen looks and poetic verses. A historical romance worthy of the genre and one that fans will enjoy, even a few months before Christmas.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick