Two Turtle Doves (Twelve Days of Christmas Book 11)

Emily E K Murdoch

HISTORICAL: Joy Fitzroy is sick of people pitying her lack of marriage prospects. It’s not like she can wave a magic wand and make a husband appear, but it seems that the fates have other plans when they bring Gilbert Kitteridge and his daughters to her. It’s hard to miss the heat between them, and Joy is determined not to give in to the man who has wicked thoughts in his mind. Gilbert yearns to know more of Joy, and he fully intends to use every ounce of charm to eventually feel her writhing under him. But she’s not as easy to charm as he first thought, and the widower soon finds himself aching for the beautiful Miss Fitzroy and the feel of her body against his. 

Emily Murdoch has brought another great historical romance to readers with unforgettable characters all wrapped up in a neat bow with a plot that keeps the pages turning. This is a story of a single dad who has lost his wife and finds himself attracted to another woman. There is a lot of sexual tension between the characters, coupled with Joy playing hard to get, and it makes for a fun read. The historical aspects are as always spot on and the dialogue accurate for the time. “Two Turtle Doves” is another awesome addition to the Twelve Days of Christmas series, and for those who haven’t read the others in the series, take a look! These are standalone stories, and each of them has their own uniqueness in their own way. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick