Two of a Kind: The Beginning Jax Diamond Mysteries #4

Gail Meath

MYSTERY: Jax Diamond and his pint-sized puppy partner have solved many cases together, but their first happened over the Christmas holidays during the 1920s, beginning with a robbery that goes wrong. Unable to forgive himself for a mistake in the line of duty, Officer Jax Diamond quits the force and attempts to find a new direction in his life. When a string of toy robberies trip Jax’s instincts, he finds himself investigating with a puppy sidekick. But broke, without a badge, and old enemies looking to get even, solving the crime and saving Christmas might take some real Christmas magic – along with some quick detective work. 

When Jax and his longtime partner, Tim Murphy, begin the story with a simple lunch run that turns ominous. Set in the roaring twenties, this novella acts as a prequel to the series, with backstory on what launched Jax’s career as a P.I. as the focus. Romance is minimal in this tale with the mystery filling the story, and pulling the reader along. As a novella, the book is a quick and simple read with a straightforward mystery. While it lacks any major stand out or unique features, it successfully provides the reader with more backstory about Jax, and adds some hints to his past which will give lovers of this genre a little bit of something extra to chew on while they wait for the next in the “Jax Diamond Mysteries” series. 

Sarah E Bradley