Teasing Miss Atherby


HISTORICAL: Distant cousin to the Winterbournes, Luisa Atherby has come to London looking to strengthen her familial ties after the tragic death of her parents. While helping move furniture within her cousin's London townhouse, she encounters a secret desk drawer holding old love letters which reveal a scandalous secret that may tear apart her new found family. Retired Major Hugh Pritchard has been pondering his life's journey very much of late. Wondering if his romantic life will always end in failure after his past overtures were rejected twice, and his last infatuation caused him to be accidentally shot by his best friend. Separately deciding a turn through Hyde's Park will bring clarity, the two renew their acquaintance when they run into one another. Their immediate attraction becomes a teasing flirtation leading to a whirlwind romance leaving each to wonder if change is a good thing.

Filled with flirtatious banter and very risqué behavior, "Teasing Miss Atherby" is a steamy, clutch-the-pearls, historical romance adventure. The two main characters are immediately shown to be not so mainstream in their feelings about life, and when they meet the sparks don't just fly, they soar! The quick-fire sexual tension is described in some of the most proper yet incendiary language that readers will require a fan to keep from catching fire. Secondary characters from each family are pivotal to the plot as they assist and agitate the lovebirds. The language author Sandra Sookoo uses to tell this high-speed, no holds barred romp to a whirlwind happy ever after makes "Teasing Miss Atherby" a superbly sensual and sensationally fun story. Like a decadent piece of chocolate, one can only savor and then desire more. Yummy!

Tonya Mathenia