Southwest Heat (Southwest Supernatural Society #1)


PARANORMAL: Three years ago, badass Addyson, aka Addy, was sent packing by the only man to ever be gifted with her love, detective Cooper Braxton. With solid steel walls around her shattered heart, Addy traded romantic love for the love of her job as an investigator and rose in ranks quickly. Now, a new case has brought her ex, Cooper, back into her life, and revealed that he still holds the key to her heart. Cooper knows it was a huge mistake to let the woman of his dreams go. He is determined to win her back during this case, which becomes an even harder task when an unexpected enemy shows their deadly hand and kicks their investigation into high gear.

This fast-paced, suspenseful romance takes readers on a thrill ride through a delightful paranormal world. The short story starts out strong with an intriguing peek into a world where paranormals blend in with society in a way that doesn’t shove the magical aspects at readers. Addy’s character is a tough-as-nails woman who will intrigue almost everyone, and Cooper’s charm is hard to ignore. The playful banter between them clearly displays their past relationship without leaving the reader wanting more of their old love. That said, Addy’s switch from harsh reluctance to opening up is sudden and feels rushed. Due to the length of the story, there were several moments when this rushed feeling leaves readers wondering if they missed a part of the current action. With a little more time dedicated to fully exploring action scenes and building the reconnect between the characters, this book will be one readers will never forget.

Annalee Stilove