Sophia’s Magic Beans (Jelly Beans and Spring Things)


URBAN FANTASY: Single mother, Calliope Novak owns a candy store that brings happiness and jelly beans to customers. A free spirit, she devotes her time to her business and her six-year-old daughter. Luke O’Brian has lost his job and his reputation. He returns home to Lake Unami, New Jersey, for reasons he cannot explain. But he can’t help thinking of Calliope, his childhood girlfriend. It isn’t long, though, before Luke realizes his problems are connected to Calliope’s ex-husband. Calliope has no intention of getting back with her ex-husband. But Lake Unami works its magic and suddenly Luke and Calliope have a chance at a future neither imagined. Can the two find a way to bridge the hurts of the past to create a family for a little girl who believes in magic?

“Sophia’s Magic Beans” is a sweet, heartwarming tale woven with a touch of heavenly magic and the belief of a young child! Calliope is honest and direct and doing the best she can to raise her daughter and keep her business afloat. Despite her ex-husband, she has discovered the person she is—someone who believes in rainbows and unicorns. Luke left town after high school, needing to prove himself and get away from his father. Now he’s back and he realizes that Calliope is all he’s ever wanted. “Jack and the Beanstalk” forms the basis of this fantastical tale. More interaction between Calliope and Luke at the start would have strengthened their connection. Additionally, more explanation of the magic of Lake Unami would have oriented readers better. Even so, “Sophia’s Magic Beans” is the kind of feel-good story that brings joy to readers’ hearts!

Tricia Hill