Sin and the Soldier (Gentlemen of Pleasure Book 3)


HISTORICAL: Captain Lord Richard Gorse comes back from the war with bodily wounds as well as damage to his mind and most importantly to his heart. The one thing that seems to help the war hero sustain himself is Natalie Derwent, a harpist whose concerts he has been attending. However, one night when Richard finally gets up the courage to talk to the harpist, Natalie is ambushed by her evil ex-fiancé. Richard takes it upon himself to act as her guardian and helps her in the plot to take down the villain. Will these two fall in love during their time together, working to take down the evil ex, or will the villain stand in the way of the romance?

Ms. Lancaster takes an assortment of crazy plot twists, an engaging plotline and an adorable romance and ties them up in a perfect, short and sweet novella for readers to enjoy. It may be a little disappointing if readers are expecting something a bit steamier, however, the plot is unique and interesting in its own way. Readers may wish they had gotten more background about Natalie, since the novel doesn’t really dive into the details of her previous relationship. But the romance between Richard and Natalie was swoon-worthy, keeping readers constantly wanting more. One could wish for more character development since there is little real connection to make with the characters in such a short tale. Nonetheless, this novella is pleasing and well-developed, one that readers should definitely take a chance on.

Austen Grace