Selkie: An Enemies to Lovers Viking Romance

Sydney Winward

PARANORMAL: Mayla Brior is a selkie who has the magical power to shed her seal skin, so she can walk amongst the humans on land. Klaus Lovik’s bride has been stolen from him on his wedding day by his enemy: chieftain. He will do anything to find his bride, even capture a selkie for a bartering gift. Once Klaus has his selkie, he quickly see’s there is something special about this one selkie. They soon bond with each other, making Klaus realize his recent mutual agreement was not meant for him. However, with Klaus’s growing feelings for the selkie, he isn’t sure if he could go down that path being they were both from different worlds and the selkie would want to be returned to her own world.

In this fast-paced read, Sydney Winward ties two worlds together – a fantasy world full of selkie’s and a human world. The selkie-world is full of magic as “Sydney Winward” shows the readers when the selkie sheds her skin and walks amongst the humans on land. The author gives a different perspective of fantasy instead of using mermaids to shed their skin, she uses seals. We have Klaus who captures a selkie and bonds with her in a way he has never bonded with anyone else. It’s almost magical how one comes across the other one. It’s like an adult spin on the “Little Mermaid”. It gives adult readers hope in a second chance at love. Maybe your first choice wasn’t the one, but this read shows adults that there is a second chance at finding their one true love. 

Stephanie Bell