Sea Hunter - Mortar and Pestle, Book 4

D. V. Stone

HISTORICAL/PARANORMAL: Zahra Corbyn, history professor and sea archeologist, has a virulent dislike of treasure hunters. Jack Alexander, treasure hunter, has been on a personal crusade to find the infamous sunken Sea Wraith. The two meet one moonlit night after a brutish lothario pushes Zahra into the ocean when she rejects his unwanted advances. Jack rescues her from drowning and finds himself distracted by his attraction to the prickly professor. Zahra, though thankful for her rescue, isn't grateful to find out Jack's a treasure hunter. As fate would have it, they must work together to locate and salvage the Sea Wraith. As their feelings grow stronger, danger rushes towards them. Will the curse of the sunken vessel drop anchor on their romance, or will they rescue themselves to sail away on high seas of love?

"Sea Hunter" is a fast and furious romance with a splash of magic! Readers will enjoy the story of two seafaring adventurers hunting for their heart's desire. Romantic chemistry is kept calmly floating in a low-tide pool. This tale plunges right into thrilling action from the first page, and continues diving into danger as well as deep desires. Readers will feel the spray of ocean mists as they join the crew of underwater archeologists searching for artifacts and treasure. The despicable bad guys understand their assignment in predictable, despicable fashion, but readers will enjoy them just as whale…teeheehee well. Author D. V. Stone manages to reel in readers hook, line, and sinker with this action-packed romance, a puff of magic, and great storytelling.

Tonya Mathenia