The Scarred Santa

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
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INSPIRATIONAL: Rafe Sullivan retired from the Marine Corps, scarred, injured, and with PTSD from his last tour in Afghanistan. Once a handsome and social man, he now lives a solitary life, hiding even from the love and attention of his family. He changes jobs often and finds little purpose in life. Then his brother finds him a temporary job playing Santa Claus at the mall. At the same time, he learns the lovely Sheena Dunmore works across from the Santa stand. Sheena doesn’t seem put off by his scars, his fears, or worried about his lack of direction. With support from family and Sheena, Rafe might just learn to live again, but he has to make it through this job as Santa first.

A sweet holiday story that hits the reader in the feels! “The Scarred Santa” Rafe Sullivan is hurt, lost, and drifting. Sheena is calm, loving, and confident. The story follows Rafe’s progress as he recovers his confidence, lets go of his fears, and allows himself to love again. There are moments of fun and sweetness, and a couple scenes that will make the reader want to cry. The emotions are vivid and the story is beautifully woven together. Additionally, the Christmas setting is well used without taking the focus from Rafe’s recovery. The only major downside is the short length prevents greater depth on Sheena’s side. Still, readers looking for a bit of sweetness, inspiration, romance, and the triumph of overcoming major trials should order this novella right away!

Sarah E Bradley