Pride of Lyons


HISTORICAL: Honoria Quinn is retained as a companion for Lady Danford’s mother, Mrs. Edwards. She enjoys the position - except for Lord Danford. His gaze always seems to be on her. She is enjoying her day off when a carriage comes flying up. The groom tells her Mrs. Edwards is seriously ill; Honoria must come home immediately. Upon entering the carriage, she sees Lord Danford. Forcing himself on Honoria, she manages to jump out of the moving carriage. She runs until she is in front of the Lyon’s Den. Inside, she meets Mrs. Dove-Lyon, who hides the unfortunate girl. Lord Danford comes in, looking for her. Thomas, Lord Braeton, is in the Lyon’s Den with his friend, Geoffrey, Lord Longford. He sees what is happening and offers to marry Honoria. He thinks this will keep Danford away. But he is sadly mistaken…

“Pride of Lyons” is another spectacular addition to the Lyon’s Den Connected World. Honoria and Thomas are extraordinary people in extenuating circumstances who manage to pull a love match out of the situation. The dastardly Lord Danford is shallow with little depth, but his obsession with Honoria is a force to be reckoned with. Readers see a softer side of Mrs. Dove-Lyon in this story which is a nice touch. With so many details throughout, one can almost smell the roses in the rose garden. It is easy to engage in this story as it offers twists and turns and a rollercoaster of emotions. Ms. Jaxon skillfully weaves together the story of Lord Danford and the love story of Honoria and Thomas to produce a masterpiece!

Belinda Wilson