Minuet At Midnight (Chronicles of the Westbrook Brides, Book Four)


HISTORICAL: In her short life, Primrose McKessick, the soon-to-be twenty-one-year-old has trusted her instincts. Her mother came from English society and raised Primrose as a self-assured, educated individual, trying to break her habit of relating people to dog breeds. Primrose boldly travels from Scotland to be a companion to her Aunt Rhodesia during a cruise to Italy. Primrose is running from an unacceptable arranged marriage in Scotland, but could she fall prey to something worse? Her cousin, not her aunt, meets her at the port and makes up a story about a change in the sailing date. Suspicious, she asks a stranger for details regarding the soon-to-depart ship’s destination. The unpretentious Lord Leonides Westbrook provides the clarity that confirms her concerns were well-founded. Their unexpected encounter changes their lives as they discover mutual friendship and respect.

Primrose settles in as a bookkeeper at De la Chance, a social club owned by Leonides’s brother. The practical arrangement keeps her safe and protected. It also places the honorable Leonidas and strong-willed Primrose into various encounters punctuated with spirited dialogue as they discover the different aspects of each other, and dreams that do not align regarding marriage and family. When the Scottish fiancé discovers Primrose, Leonidas offers a plan she would love to accept, but her heart won’t let her. “Minuet at Midnight” is a charming tale with masterfully woven threads of adventure, risk, and romantic surprises, laced with humor, honor, and hope to keep readers guessing how the ending will unfold. Historical romance fans will laugh, cry, and enjoy this sweet story from the first page to the last.

By Simone Dober