Lyon of the Highlands: The Lyons Den Connected World


HISTORICAL: Wilhelmina Redstone might be a dowager countess, but her life was one of abuse and heartbreak. Her days are spent hiding from the world, an outsider in the current Count’s family. Then an opportunity arises to visit the infamous Lyon’s Den where women can arrange marriages in their favor. Duncan MacLeish is laird of his clan. His father was a wastrel, spending the estate’s money on his personal pleasures. As a result, Duncan, a giant of a Scot, must search for an heiress to take to wife. At the Lyon’s Den, he discovers a woman who brings out all his protective instincts. As much as Mina wishes to start afresh, Mina doesn’t believe she deserves happiness, and fears disappointing her new husband. Duncan knows that he will have to take things slow. Yet, he is determined to show his wife that she is his most precious possession.

“Lyon of the Highlands” delivers an emotionally charged tale that tugs at the heartstrings and offers a promise of hope! Mina is a wounded soul who has little reason to trust. Yet, she desperately yearns to find a place of her own where she can heal. Duncan represents safety and the possibility of a future. As Laird, Duncan has a duty to his people, but he places his duty to Mina above all. Even when he makes mistakes, he strives to do better, always seeking to gain Mina’s trust. Secondary characters fill out the story. There’s a sense that the story would have benefitted from being longer given the serious topics that are dealt with. Nonetheless, “Lyon of the Highlands” is a page turner that will captivate hearts!

Tricia Hill