Into the Lyon of Fire: The Lyon's Den Connected World

Abigail Bridges

HISTORICAL: Matthew Rydell, newly invested Duke of Embleton resents the title. His mother, Phillida, desperately wants him to wed and produce an heir, which is his duty to the dukedom. His idea of duty is returning to Paris to continue serving under General Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington. His brother, Mark, suggests Matthew meet with Mrs. Dove-Lyon. Sarah Ainsworth, Dowager Countess of Crewood, is gambling at the Lyon’s Den. She has thus far been able to win enough to pay the loan she owes Mrs. Dove-Lyon. She realizes the loan can be called at any time, dismayed to find today is the day. She does not want to wed again because her last husband was cruel, throwing her into a fireplace, which scarred her face – and more. She is called into a meeting with Mrs. Dove-Lyon to learn she must pay the remainder of the loan, or wed the Duke of Embleton. 

“Into the Lyon of Fire” is a complex story joining two damaged people in a beautiful romance of trust and blooming love. Matthew Rydell and Sarah Ainsworth are admirable characters who go through insurmountable trials to arrive where they are. While this is a tightly written story, it has several loose ends. News from the magistrate is mentioned, but the details are never presented. What becomes of the villain, the new Count of Crewood, is never revealed.  The story seems to fall apart at the ending, as it’s rushed and abrupt. World building in this account is believable, and it engages the reader from the beginning. Secondary characters are delightful! Nevertheless, another entertaining tale in the Lyon’s Den Connected World!


Belinda Wilson