Luke Blackmon’s Rose

Mary Patterson Thornburg

SCI-FI: For Literary Professor, Rose Lyn Spencer, the idea of 1930s musician, Luke Blackmon, being cloned and brought into present day is an interest that borders on obsession. When she discovers the man she felt so connected to in print has, in fact, been staying with one of her students, she finds herself head-over-heels in love and caught up in a conspiracy led by the agency that cloned Luke Blackmon in the first place. Rose must navigate the challenges of a whirlwind romance while helping Luke learn to navigate the twenty-first century. 

A sweet tale of romance and danger, “Luke Blackmon’s Rose” is a stand-alone novella that touches on love, race, and the dangers of letting scientists and corporations play God. The story follows Rose’s journey as she meets the cloned Luke Blackmon, falls in love, and tries to free them both from the unnamed company that made him. While the themes of this story pull at the heartstrings, the story itself rushes through the big emotions, leaving the reader unsatisfied as the conflicts tie themselves up in a nice little bow without much of a fight. The plot and relationships between the characters would be much more believable if they had been developed more, giving the reader time to invest in what is otherwise a compelling story. 

Nicole Harlow