Love Between Universes

Kelynn Storm

SCIENCE FICTION: Ahhn Po is Keeper of Globe Mirrors on Messarett, and is responsible for monitoring safety in the universe. Geyer Trew is a doctor on Earth, desperately trying to find a cure for a disease that is rapidly claiming lives. During her monitoring of the globe mirrors, Ahhn is alerted that a vaccine has been discovered. Seeking the vaccine and the man who created it, Ahhn travels to Earth. Geyer then travels back to Messarett with Ahhn to begin the process of discovering where the mystery plant that fuels the cure can be found. While working to prevent a war on her planet and save lives, Geyer and Ahhn discover that the hope for a cure requires them to work together–with her planet's greatest enemy. They may live universes apart, but the common thread of saving the people they care about brings them together across the universe. 

This book is a novella which means that the reader can expect a story that is fulfilling but not lengthy, and unfortunately, this story tries to do too much in too little time. The characters are strong, and with more pages, it would allow the reader to fully immerse in their story. The author has given so many interesting and involved plot points, but has not been able to truly give them the time they need. The inconsistencies and rapid resolutions lessen the feeling of suspense that a story like this requires. Overall, the ideas and plot plans in this novella are intriguing, and would make for a great expanded universe.

Valerie Vicars