Lion and the Lamb: Easter (Holiday Knights series Book 5)


HISTORICAL: Widow, Rachael is betrothed to her enemy, the Lion of the South, by her uncle. Her son needs a father, but Rachael does not wish to wed any time soon after surviving one bad marriage. Lord Lionel lost his wife many years ago and is unable to control his daughter. He needs a wife who can help raise her, so he agrees to the betrothal. Lent is about to start, and that means no marriages can occur according to the laws of the church – neither can coupling… which Lionel is sure will drive him crazy. Rachael does everything she can to stall the wedding but runs out of options and finds herself falling for her new husband. Will Rachael and Lord Lionel find happiness? Or will outside forces ruin their chances before they even get started?

“Lion and the Lamb: Easter” is book 5 in the Holiday Knights series and is a sweet romance filled with a mystery to solve that will leave the reader wanting more. Elizabeth Rose has created a very believable and strong storyline with problems that are faced every day by people in current times. The reader will enjoy the intense attraction Rachael and Lionel feel for each other! Watching the children adjust and connect with their stepparents and each other is sweet and heartwarming. The reader will enjoy the constant bickering between the characters and the mystery that unfolds throughout the story. This creation portrays the true meaning of Easter, and brings love and happiness to this new family. While this tale can be read as a standalone, one would get so much more from the story if the whole series were read in order. A must read for you Medieval Historical Fiction fans.

Victoria Zumbrum