Lady, No More (Naughty Ladies Book 3)


HISTORICAL: Although Hadley Sherborne, Viscount Grey, has just helped to rescue one of Laurel’s sisters from a kidnapper, she is disgruntled at seeing him in her cousin’s home. The blackguard had broken their engagement two years prior, and she never heard a word from him. His father had made an agreement with a neighbor, where Hadley would wed his daughter. Now he suddenly reappears as a hero who has helped to liberate Addy! Hadley desperately wants to talk to Laurel and win her back. But the father died, and she married the man she loved, leaving Hadley free to marry Laurel, the woman he loves. But Laurel wants to hear nothing from him. In fact, she has asked him to help her find a proper man to marry! Hadley needs to convince her he is the one and only man who is right for her. If only she would listen.

“Lady, No More” is an interesting novella which can be quickly read and enjoyed. Laurel and Hadley are well-written characters who wear their emotions on their sleeves. Aunt Grace is an eccentric character who really adds a spark to this story with her lavish parties and unconventional clothing. There is a lot of miscommunication and non-communication which makes this story frustrating. Sexual tension is easily felt throughout the entire piece, but there is no great climax in this tale, so the story arc leaves the reader wanting. This story is repetitive, one long disagreement that gets resolved in the last few pages. Descriptions of the characters are divine, and so are those of Hadley’s home. There are some unique twists in this tale which will surprise all.

Belinda Wilson