Kitsune Enchantment

Margaret L.

PARANORMAL: Shannon loves her job at the bookstore but finds out she is going to lose it. She writes graphic novels on the side and is hoping to sell one of her series to a publisher. Ryo is an artist who works with Shannon on her projects but is quiet and keeps disappearing. They are attracted to each other, but neither has made the first move or tried to pursue a relationship. Ryo has a secret that could scare Shannon away before they even have a chance at a relationship. Will his secret destroy their chance at happiness?

“Kitsune Enchantment” is a magical love story filled with shapeshifters and a wizard. The story is a fast read with an enjoyable story line, and intriguing and unique characters. The reader will enjoy the chemistry and interaction between the characters which is very believable. The author created a magical world where the reader will feel like part of the story. There is constant action, including moments of laughing out loud. Margaret L. Carter has created a unique story that will bring a smile to one’s face with the antics the characters are involved in. The reader will enjoy learning all about what a Kitsune Fox is, and what the fox’s habits are. The author did an excellent job with the description of the fox and how it shifts. This is a fun read for everyone!

Victoria Zumbrum