Kiss of the Lyon (The Lyon's Den, Book 12)


HISTORICAL: Lady Danielle “Danny” Haverfield is determined to stop her brother, Simon, from gambling and drinking himself into debt at the Lyon’s Den. Danielle pleads with Simon to just go home with her, but he refuses. Unfortunately, Simon is unsuccessful at winning back the money he loses to Matthew Lyon, a Lord to some and professor to others. To settle Simon’s debt, Danielle must make the ultimate sacrifice and marry Matthew. What Danielle doesn’t know is that Matthew secretly works for the Crown and is in London to take down Danielle’s father for working against the country. As Matthew gets to know Danny, however, the lines defining his duty to England become blurred as he begins to care deeply for her instead. Love was definitely not part of his plan and could ruin everything Matthew has worked so hard for, putting both of them in peril.

Such a superb romantic novella! Despite its short length, this tale is completely fulfilling! The story does leave a few minor things unexplained, but this does not detract from the enjoyable tale. Readers rarely feel as if the book is missing anything. The story moves quite adeptly without feeling hurried or rushed. There is even a little mystery heightening the plot, and a bit of a spy aspect smoothly woven into the story.  Matthew, the Scottish professor and secret agent, is magnificent, making him easy to fall for. Danielle, the shy and serious heroine, despite losing her freedom, manages to keep her wide-eyed innocence while avoiding being annoying. “Kiss of the Lyon” is truly a fascinating tale readers will greatly enjoy!

Roslynn Ernst