If You Wanna Be My Marquess – That Wicked O’Shea Family, Book 2


HISTORICAL: Lady Colleen O'Shea and her two younger sisters have become accustomed to the independence their brother Fergus allows them, and they are determined not to lose it by falling into the marriage traps he sets for them. Widowed Lord Benedict Boleran finds the spirited Colleen beautiful, intriguing, and exasperating, and he cannot stop thinking about her, especially once she manages to start a fire in his barn one stormy night and ends up in his home for the night - minus a chaperone. Her antics and inquisitive nature manage to ignite a different type of fire within him. To avoid the scandal and ruination of her reputation, it is determined she shall marry a man she cannot abide. Will her plan to get out of the marriage trap work, or will her growing attraction seal the deal?

"If You Wannabe My Marquess" is a romantic tale filled with hi-jinks and hilarity run amuck! Readers will definitely enjoy reading about the O’Shea sisters’ hilarious escapades! The main characters are enchantingly wicked, with an explosive chemistry readers will revel in. The secondary characters are a remarkable ensemble of scene-stealing enhancements to the storyline. Although the villains are not very frightening, they serve their purpose in the storyline. A small inference about the LGBTQ lifestyle is handled with humor and tolerance and doesn’t detract from the story. The enemy to lovers plot is a quick-paced, sensual romp with progressive ideas and a thrilling bit of danger mixed in. Ms. Farmer delivers a delightful twist on a woman's desire for independence and adventure with laugh-out-loud comedy, brilliantly bawdy banter, and enthusiastic erotic escapades.

Tonya Mathenia