Highland Dove


HISTORICAL: Mari Stewart cannot wait to marry Duncan MacLean. They were childhood friends who fell in love, and Mari has dreamed of the moment he will claim her as his own. But when it looks as if he’s been killed in battle, the ambitious Eideard takes over the clan and forces Mari to marry him instead. Mari, certain Duncan is alive, manages to escape before the marriage is consummated and discovers the truth. Yes, he is alive, but since her father gave his blessing to her marriage, the couple have to build up an army and keep Mari’s current husband from consummating the marriage. Mari and Duncan will need the help of local clans, a fortune teller, two turtle doves, and a lot of luck to defeat Mari’s husband and claim their Happily Ever After.

Highland Dove is a fun read! Though the beginning feels a little awkward, the love between Mari and Duncan feels real and strong. Mari may think herself sweet and shy, but by the end she’s proven herself a strong and capable woman. Duncan is incredibly sweet and gentle, but with a strength and passion to him that shows clearly from start to finish. The secondary characters are just as strong as the main ones in this little story, from food-loving Angus to the practical fortune teller, Malmuira. Eidieard provides plenty of obstacles in his role as villain. The twists and turns our couple must navigate to fight him fill the story with adventure and humor. A quick read, perfect for generating hope on dark days!

Amanda Carlisle