A Happy Christmas Ceilidh: The Shrouded Isle

Zoe Tasia

YOUNG ADULT/FANTASY: Becca is a widow and an American. Her boyfriend, Greg, is Scottish and a Keeper, who has a duty to protect people from the fae. Their first Christmas together starts off with mischief when Greg is introduced to the American Elf on the Shelf tradition. Soon the Elf is being moved by someone other than the adults, and a snowman is also involved in some magic. Becca and Greg are each determined to give one another the perfect gift for Christmas. In order to afford the perfect gift, each must sacrifice their most treasured possession. With some magic and help from Becca’s daughters, they may end up with a happy Christmas after all.

A twist on “The Gift of the Magi”, Becca and Greg each sacrifice what they treasure to get the perfect gift for one another, but by giving up what they treasure, they are unexpectedly set to make the gifts they are getting worthless. This magical fantasy twist on a classic is filled with unexpected characters and bits of fairy fun. The real heroes in this story are Becca’s two daughters, Jessie and Tate. At times the story feels disjointed and not a cohesive tale. There is a lot going on with the elf moving and a snowman that keeps having mysterious footprints surrounding it. Not all of the pieces of the story fit together, and a retelling of the classic or a fantasy novel filled with magic would work but the merging of the two feels awkward at times. The characters are easy to like and the relationships feel real and satisfying.  A fun sacrificing tale of family love.


Cara Cieslak