Four Calling Birds (The Twelve Days of Christmas Book 9)

Emily EK Murdoch

HISTORICAL: Lucy Fitzroy has four sisters, two of whom are married, and now her sister, Esther, is asking strange questions about kissing! Lucy cannot understand this nonsense. Percy is her best friend and partner in crime, who needs more? Four calling birds may have been the nickname given to her and three of her sisters by Percy, but it has turned into a unique call, just for the two of them. Now Percy is acting strange as well, and she’s finding it hard to understand what he’s trying to tell her. Added to this, Lucy is noticing things about Percy she hasn’t before, and her heart keeps racing every time he’s near. It’s close to Christmas and Lucy just wants to make sense of it all.

A sweet and easy read, this novella will make the reader smile. Lucy and Percy’s story bears a slight resemblance to Jo and Laurie from Little Women, as they are childhood friends whose love has grown over time. The warmth and love within Lucy’s family is also palpable, and the characters are well rounded. Lucy does come across a little immature, but that is par for the course as she struggles to unravel her feelings. The contrast of Lucy’s exuberance and Percy’s steadfast personality strikes a good balance for the couple. There is a secondary love story between Esther and a Duke, which is just touched upon, which leaves the reader curious to read more about their romantic development. This is a charming and delightful read, and not just for the holidays!

Rika Chandra