Four Aces: 1800s Deadwood Diaries

April Holthaus

HISTORICAL: Emily Taylor is left with two jobs and a mound of debt to clean up after her husband passed away. Despite all this, she is determined to save her farm and keep the life she’s always known. In order to keep her farm running, she hires a farmhand to help; however, he has a few secrets up his sleeve. What she has yet to discover is that he is actually U.S. Marshal Jameson Reid, who is specifically in Deadwood searching for one of the most notorious outlaws: Harmon Elwood. As Emily and Jameson’s lives merge together in their separate pursuits, secrets unfold, partnered with a strong connection neither saw coming. 

When reading “Four Aces” the imagery, dialogue, and background are enough to make anyone feel as if they are truly in 1800s Deadwood. There is a strong sense of struggle that is to be expected during this time period, specifically for Emily as a widow; yet the determination that Emily has throughout the entire novel is inspiring and she never backs down. Once Jameson comes to town, the idea of a lawless town full of outlaws really sets in. The story never once trails away from the main struggles, so the details involving the Old West only aim to support the storyline and intrigue the readers rather than take over. Both the main characters are likable, and watching their relationship develop over time builds this unputdownable story that is “Four Aces”. 

Sadie Wilson