Enticing the Earl (The Arrogant Earls Book 3)


HISTORICAL: Mrs. Oleana Honeywell, an oblivious housekeeper in the Earl of Monteith’s household, only attempts to clean his home. Oleana really is unfit for the position which everyone in the household knows, including the Earl, Jason Symon. Unfortunately, Oleana comes highly recommended by Jason’s great-aunt Agatha, so Jason can’t get rid of her because of his loyalty to Agatha. In truth, Jason desires Oleana, fantasizing about every interaction, making him want her despite her being part of his staff. Jason just can’t cross that line, especially since his father became notorious for bedding the servants. All the same, Oleana manages to unravel Jason at every turn while surreptitiously guarding a secret of her own. When Jason finds out the truth, it may obliterate them both.

An amusing and funny romance! The novella, thankfully, is a quick, easy story that doesn’t delve into very difficult situations. Sadly, the book drops readers unsuspectingly into the story. It is confusing where or how things are happening. So many events take place that it’s hard to visualize everything going on. In truth, it would have been better to explain how the characters end up where they are. It seems astonishing that the bumbling, inept heroine, Oleana, she can even make it through a day without hurting herself or others. This comes off as comical, but her quirks aren’t as endearing. Jason, the long-suffering hero, is also a difficult character to like as well. Ms. Ayers does write a farcical tale that manages to be quite diverting!

Roslynn Ernst